Utilizing Waste to Build Roofing System

In the past, we have highlighted companies like Ecovative – that uses mushroom to replace plastic foam, and Eco-BLAC, which uses industrial waste to make bricks. Now, we would like to introduce Re-Materials, an innovative start-up from India, that have created ModRoof – a brilliant modular roofing system for slum and village homes made from recycled waste.

ModRoof panels are strong, weatherproof, and long-lasting, allowing homes to stay cool, dry, and quiet, no matter the season. Made from recycled agricultural and packaging waste, it is the only eco-friendly roofing option on the market. By creating high-quality living spaces, ModRoof improves the quality of life for families in slums and villages. To address the challenges of operating in the developing world, they have designed the roofing system to be modular allowing easy shipment, installation, and replacement of individual panels.  With its fresh and colorful appearance, ModRoof is aesthetically appealing, making it a truly aspirational product.

This is one innovative product that is durable, comfortable, affordable and sustainable. Why are we still using corrugated steel roofs?

Source: Re-Materials
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Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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