Utilizing CO2 to Manufacture Building Blocks

In the past, we have highlighted companies like Climeworks – that captures CO2 to produce renewable fuels , and Eco-BLAC, which uses industrial waste to make bricks. Now, we would like to introduce Lignacite, an innovative company in the UK, that have created Carbon Buster – building blocks that are made up of more that 50% recycled materials.

The recycled materials used include Carbon8 pellets which are produced by combining CO2 (carbonated aggregates from by-products), sand, cement and water. The result is a unique aggregate that, when incorporated into Lignacite’s products, creates the first ever carbon negative building block. These blocks are suitable for use in commercial and housing projects that aim to meet zero carbon targets. It is also known to provide excellent levels of sound insulation between buildings and adjoining rooms.

Here, we have building blocks that captures more CO2 than is emitted during its manufacture. Ramro idea, don’t you think?

Source: Lignacite
Contact:  [email protected]

Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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