Using Cardboard and Electronic Modules to Make Gadgets

We buy electronic gadgets and throw them away on a yearly basis, which is contributing to tons of hazardous non-recyclable waste. Looking to address this issue, NewFoldr uses recyclable corrugated cardboard and reusable modular electronic system to build their products. Their current lineup includes a desktop lamp and portable speaker(s).

Some benefits of their ecodesign are:

  1. Cardboard as a Raw Material

    They use a premium quality three-ply corrugated cardboard that is explicitly made for products and not packaging. It feels natural and it’s also much more durable than you’d think.

  2. Re-useable Gadgets

    All of their products rely on a modular circuit system that is responsible for its functioning. It can be freely built into a new housing, and as long as you’re throwing the old housing in a recycling bin, you produce no waste.

  3. Locally Available Materials

    Most of the materials and parts to create their products are locally available almost everywhere which – beside boosting local economy – means less transportation and that concludes to lower CO2 emission.

They aim to build a community whose members are free to download, build and transform their products under the Creative Commons Licence. Is this something to get inspired from while designing your next cool gadget?

Source: NewFoldr
Contact: [email protected]

Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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