Turning Human Waste to Briquettes

In the past, we have highlighted the solar-powered toilet, a unit developed by a team at Caltech that treats waste water, providing a safe and inexpensive way to dispose off human waste. Now, we  would like to introduce Sanivation, a similar social enterprise dedicated to delivering clean, safe, and efficient sanitation services.

They have a pretty simple model. In urbanizing communities they install modern container-based toilets in peoples’ homes for free and charge a small monthly fee to service them. Then, instead of dumping the waste, they transform it into a clean burning alternative to charcoal. Their dependable, user-focused, and vertically integrated sanitation services address the full sanitation value chain and allow families living in under developed communities to live a healthy life. They also work with implementing partners in refugee camps to design, build, and train local staff and refugees on operating improved sanitation services that meet the environmental constraints and cultural aspirations of camp residents.

This service not only helps users’ save money but also reduces CO2 emissions, saves 88 trees per ton used and prevents the contamination of local water sources. What are other ways we can provide services that addresses the needs of society in a sustainable way?

Source: Sanivation
Contact: [email protected]

Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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