Helping Underprivileged Students Launch Into Creative Careers

Underprivileged students struggle to get into creative careers due to lack of access and advice on opportunities to pick on “soft skills”. PitchIt, a social enterprise in London, believes that a student’s background should not limit their aspirations or ability to compete in the ‘creative economy’; so they are out to change that.

They match young people and creative professionals to broaden horizons, make new connections and fuel ambitions. They seek out and mentor 16 – 24 year old students with creative potential from lower socio-economic settings and support them to get into careers in London’s creative economy. Their mentors are self-employed, freelancers and those from larger organisations, from across the creative career spectrum.

We believe this model really helps students gain confidence and gives them an opportunity to network with professionals to pursue creative careers. How else can we empower talented but underprivileged students break the ceiling and land better jobs?

Source: PitchIt
Contact: [email protected]

Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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