Connecting Rural Areas to the Internet

Millions of people living in rural areas have spotty or zero access to the internet due to weak wireless connections, intermittent power, or devices that can’t share the internet connection easily. To address this issue, a team of African software developers, engineers and technologists have designed and engineered BRCK – a rugged, self-powered, mobile WiFi device which connects people and things to the internet.

Some of the highlights BRCK are:

  1. Mobile

    Use with 3G data enabled or without SIM card. Attach antenna to external GSM port when out of signal range. Connect up to 20 devices.

  1. Versatile

    Rugged design suited for harsher environments; allows for drops, dust, weather resistance, and dirty voltage charging.

  1. Power

    Handles reverse voltage and surge protection. Work for 8-hrs in full power mode. Charge from a solar panel, car battery, computer or wall.

  1. Extendable

    Write your own custom software through the available API. Comes with an upgradeable 4Gb of onboard storage.

  1. Cloud

    Access and manage your BRCK devices in one place, set your preferences or top up credit on your local SIM card from anywhere in the world.

Internet is becoming more of a necessity in today’s world, be it to stay connected with family and friends or to use the latest IoT products. How do we make this technology accessible and affordable for all?

Source: BRCK
Contack: [email protected]

Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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