Capturing CO2 to Produce Renewable Fuels

The reaction of burning fuels can be reversed and synthetic fuels can be produced from CO2, water and electricity as the only inputs. To enable the production of carbon-neutral renewable fuels using this concept, Climeworks provides solutions for efficiently capturing CO2 out of ambient air.

Their CO2 capture technology is based on a cyclic adsorption / desorption process on a novel filter material (“sorbent”). During adsorption, atmospheric CO2 is chemically bound to the sorbent’s surface. Once the sorbent is saturated, the CO2 is driven off the sorbent by heating it to 100 °C, thereby delivering high-purity gaseous CO2. The CO2-free sorbent can be re-used for many adsorption/desorption cycles. The beauty of the process is the fact that around 90% of the energy demand can be supplied by low-temperature heat; the remaining energy is required in the form of electricity for pumping and control purposes.

By supplying atmospheric CO2 and renewable energies for fuel synthesis the resulting fuel is (i) carbon-neutral and (ii) an efficient means of storing and transporting renewable energy. Would it not be a good idea to apply this technology to help regulate the use of fossil fuels in developing countries?

Source: Climeworks
Contact: [email protected]

Spotted by: Bikram Palikhey

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  1. August 15, 2018

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